Why Our Health System Is In A Mess!

Health Care messThe rhetoric surrounding health care insurance from legislators has very stealthily transitioned from “Universal” to “Mandatory” and from “Health” insurance to “Medical” insurance. Does that mean there’s intent to leave non-medical providers out of any plan?

And the only focus now seems to be on “containing and lowering health carecosts”. But understand the facts. In addition to the citing high costs of services, there are a myriad of problems that need to be focused upon.

The problems include the high costs of a medical education. A good majority exit medical school (doctors & therapists, et.al.) with loans over $100,000 at 7%-10% interest rates. Now “contain and lower” the potential incomes of these professionals by drastically restricted and/or capping what they are paid for their services.

Now add in the costs of practice which only increase and the costs of living which only increase, on top of the costs of those student loans. How many people would remain in the medical professions? With great numbers leaving for higher paying professions, what would happen to the medical care system in this country?

Let’s not ignore skyrocketing health care insurance premiums, co-payments, deductibles; continually reduced or eliminated covered health care expenses; the obscenely high salaries and bonuses of health care insurance, medical equipment and pharmaceutical company executives; the extremely high commissions and bonuses health care insurance, medical equipment and pharmaceutical company brokers and salespeople get to sell their policies/products, plus their lucrative perks, like all expense-paid trips; the “incentives” these health/medical products corporations “extend” to providers, administrators and mangers of hospitals and clinics, to use their products.

It doesn’t take rocket science to come up with viable solutions that are not at the expense of just the consumer, yet have benefits for all involved.

As insurers readily place “caps” (limits) on the amounts they will pay for a particular health care service, limits (“caps”) should be mandated on the amounts the health insurance and products companies should be allowed to charge for insurance premiums and products.

Federal legislation could also mandate a new corporate tax on all health insurance, liability insurance and medical liability (malpractice) insurance companies, all hospitals, clinics and multi-doctor facilities that receive fees for policies, services, supplies, equipment, etc. A 1% “Mandatory Universal Plans Fee” levied onto corporate gross revenues over $500,000, all personnel salaries/incomes/commissions over $200,000, bonuses over $50,000 and all-expense-paid trips valued over $10,000, could go a long way in assisting the financial stability of health care insurance for all, with the revenues from this “M.U.P. Fee” used to subsidize Medicaid, Medicare & Universal Plans.

And mandating insurance corporations to form not-for-profit subsidiaries to offer health care insurance plans at reduced premiums for working and middle income citizens who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare plans would go a long way in this crisis.

The only way¬†health care insurance is going to be made available in an equitable manner to all citizens, is if the playing field for contributing to it, paying for it and restricting “pay”, is leveled across the board. A common sense, common good, common contribution approach, with health care insurance and products companies contributing their fair share, needs to be applied if all citizens are going to get fair, affordable, complete “health” care insurance that covers all health care providers’ services in all health care disciplines, equitably.


The Failing Health Of Our Children!

The number of children on the Autism spectrum is rising at an alarming rate. A milder form of autism, known as ADHD, is springing up like weeds amongst our children. Diseases that were rare or did not exist before, like diabetes, autism, and cancer, have become common place in our children.The failing mental and physical health of our children is a warning that the world has become too toxic.
health careThese children are like the canaries that miners used to take down in the mines with them. These birds were sensitive to the toxic odorless gas that sometimes could be found in mines. If the canary would die, the miners would be warned to get out of the mine quickly so they don’t inhale the toxic fumes. However, most of the world is not heeding the warning.
Many children are growing up on a poor substitute of vitamin fortified cow’s milk instead of their mother’s breast milk. The ramifications of this modern practice are now becoming apparent. The immune systems of our children are weakened and their mental and physical development is compromised.
Health professionals continue to inject children with more and more vaccines, sometimes overloading their already weakened immune systems. In addition, instead of making individually sealed doses of the vaccinations, pharmaceutical companies make multiple dose vials laced with mercury to preserve their freshness. In order to save a few pennies, they are willing to ruin people’s lives. We would never think to let our children drink even trace amounts of mercury, yet we unwittingly drag them to get injected with the poisonous liquid.

Instead of injecting our children with deadly poisons to preserve their health, why don’t we try to strengthen their immune systems with probiotics and prebiotics?
The use of relatively safe and effective herbal and natural medicines is being forgotten, as new prescription medications are being formulated. The busy population, engrossed in their daily activities, is bombarded with advertisements for new prescription drugs that can fix their health problems quickly and with little effort on their part.

These prescription medications have many unfavorable side effects, and they are not as safe or effective as their herbal counterparts.

Antibiotics are being over prescribed, destroying a major line of defense for the body, the good bacteria in the intestines. The use of pro bio tics afterwards has become a long forgotten practice. With the decimation of the good bacteria in our intestines, candida yeast has plenty of room to grow.
Candida yeast overgrowth is rampant in the general population, yet very few people are aware of this major health crisis. Not only can this fungus destroy one’s physical health, it also has a huge impact on one’s mental health. Obesity, overeating, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, stress, rage, and obsessive compulsive behaviors have become common place, all symptoms of candida yeast overgrowth.
Even our food and drink are contributing to our declining health.

Tap water contains toxic fluoride, a neurotoxin, and chlorine, which indiscriminately kills off the good bacteria in our intestines.

Trace amounts of prescription drugs that pass through people’s systems and are not absorbed can also be found in our tap water. Our crops are sprayed with toxic pesticides and other chemicals. Even the milk we drink contains antibiotics and growth hormones, once again killing off our good bacteria, and encouraging the early maturation of our children. Understanding the ingredients on most of the items in the grocery store requires one to have a degree in chemistry.

Our over processed food supply is stripped of it’s nutritional value, and over consumption of sugar has further encouraged candida yeast overgrowth.
We need to stop taking the easy way out and put some thought and effort into our actions affecting our health and our environment. We need to rethink our values and encourage those who want to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. We need to encourage companies and individuals who put people first and not their profits.

We need to look around us at the signs forewarning an impending health crisis. Our children are giving us a clear warning. Will we take heed?

Care Is Necessary For Health!

Preventive care is great but you don’t see its results until years, if not decades, later. As an example, take all the money that has been spent to persuade people to give up smoking. After a few hundred million dollars, the incidences of heart attack, stroke, and lung cancer are the same as they were 20 years ago.

Whatever the overall population has been gained by those that quit smoking has been offset by an aging Baby Boom generation that would develop the same conditions purely at random as a consequence of aging. The long-term health care costs associated with chronic obesity and/or chronic alcohol abuse are far greater than those of smoking, but I don’t see anyone pestering overweight drunks about their “unhealthy” lifestyles.

health care
Since President Obama is endeared to the tenets of socialism I predict that he will, sooner or later, order wage and price controls over a large portion of the health care industry. Should he do so, it will be the worst mistake in recent memory. Since the time of the French Revolution there has been not a single case where wage and price controls have brought anything but shortages and misery to the very people that they were supposed to help. Nixon tried wage and price controls in 1971 and it was a miserable failure that hurt the very people that they were supposed to help.
Once the dust has settled, I think Obama’s grand scheme to force his distorted sense of reality down the taxpayers’ throats will fail. But at the same time, I’m sure that he will have some lame excuse such as “big drug companies” or “big oil” or “Wall Street” at the ready to take the blame for his own incompetence.
And finally, in reply to those that would ask “Well, what is your solution to the problem?” I will again quote the great H.L. Mencken.
“The fact that I have no remedy for all the sorrows of the world is no reason for my accepting yours. It simply supports the strong probability that yours is a fraud.”

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