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Health Care Debt At An Advanced Age!

HealthHow can anyone afford that kind of health care debt at an advanced age? He was able to, and because he was able to, he had to pay. Others in the same facility receiving similar or even more advanced care may not have had to pay as much simply because they did not have it. How is this just?

By doing away with health insurance companies, we can hopefully reduce the skyrocketing costs for basic health care needs.

So, with health insurance eliminated, how do we pay for health care? A tax, percentage based equally to all. For example, a 5% health care tax taken from every individual. Dollar-wise, those making more will pay more, but percentage-wise, everyone is paying the same percentage of what they earn towards their health care.
Trips for health care needs no longer would require Co-pays or other funds up front. If you are or have been legally employed in the United States, you are covered. If a doctor deems a medical procedure is necessary for your care, you get it. No board of directors trying to pad their bottom line to deny coverage and jeopardize your health for their profit.
Illegal immigrants? No coverage. They must pay for health care issues out of their pocket. No free rides to anyone who is not a legal U.S. Citizen.

This plan is in operation in some form around the world, only the United States requires their citizens to be lottery winners to receive quality health care.

The savings to employers would be immediate, the elimination of work place health plans. This should help them to be able to rehire some workers laid off in order to afford the health insurance for the rest.

Now this plan is for “health care” not elective items.
Botox, plastic surgery for looks (not for restructuring after a maiming accident), would NOT be covered. This health care plan is solely to provide the needed health care individuals and families need to remain healthy.

All hospitals work on all patients (exceptions made for hospitals that are specialized such as cancer, cardiac, and burn hospitals).

The tax collected is distributed to the various health care institutes to cover their costs. To further aid in reducing health care costs, health care facilities would be exempt from fees, taxes, and other monetary add-ons designed to make money.
All hospitals would become non-profit, in that they are not facing boards to explain why they are not making money. Caps on doctors’ salaries to prevent the majority of the taxes collected to be spent paying payroll.

Clinics would handle the non-emergency cases. Colds, flu, simple fractures, etc would be removed from emergency rooms. This frees E.R. doctors for actual emergency cases which will hopefully decrease wait times and save more lives.


Holiday Health Fair!

Health careYesterday at the Holiday Inn in Denver, over 40 Cannabusiness, 2 lawmakers and thousands of people gathered for the first ever Cannabis Holiday Health Fair brought us by the amazing and hardworking Laura Kriho of Cannabis Therapy Institute or C.T.I.

“It’s really exciting to nurture the little seeds and introduce ourselves to the community and show how professional we are and how important we are to the economy, I think we’ve done that very successfully.” Kriho told the reporter of Denver Daily News.

One of the several news agency’s in the city to cover the event
And even though they might not like each other personally, The two Colorado lawmakers who have been leading the push to regulate the industry – Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown and Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver – both made appearances at the fair.

Romer meet one on one with several patients and talked with attendees and defended his bill to an often-disagreeing crowd. Brown also made the rounds talking with businesses and attendees stopping at our table only only for seconds, to get an ear full of complaints regarding his city proposal’s.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this an amazing event and one I hope to see every year here on out as we move into 2010 and another step closure to Freedom!