Medications Necessary For Recovery!

healthMedications necessary for recovery would be included in the plan.
Medicare – one thing many may not realize is those on this plan have paid into this plan. They are being treated with money they paid. They already have their health care taken from their income before receiving it.

In addition, a functioning government monitoring team MUST ensure that fraud is eliminated. Intentional fraud results in severe penalties. Penalties can be set dependent on the fraud amount with those caught in fraudulent activities above a certain amount receiving the severest of penalties.
Each individual is paying equally for their care based on their income level.
Those who require more care will be balanced out by those who rarely seek medical coverage.
Why won’t this happen; because the insurance industry does not want the American public to know exactly how much their plans have driven up the cost of health care. They will fight tooth and nail against a plan such as this. It would eliminate their jobs, their industry – to a point.
They can still insure, if they wish, those wishing cosmetic health treatments… Tummy tucks, eye lifts, etc. If it is not being performed to improve the quality of life of the patient or life saving, it is elective and is not covered under this.
Whatever system is eventually implemented, it would be better if time was taken to ensure it is the right way to go, not the fast way to go. Is this administration pushing for fast because they don’t know if they will hold the majority after the next election?

Fast is NOT in the best interest of this country’s citizens and should not be tolerated.
At the next “town hall” meeting held by an elected official, refrain from the shout fest. Nobody is listening at those. Instead, inform your elected official that while you may believe health care is in dire straits, you would prefer they vote “no” for now and push the House and Senate to take the necessary time to look at this from all angles.
Fraud prevention, majority coverage, funding, and reducing costs to patients are the most important things that can come from any legislation is what is needed most, not speed for a plan that has huge holes in these areas.


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